Different Forms of Lumigraphy

Although the term “lumigraphy” is quite new, certain luminous creations have been famous for decades and match its definition: Christmas lights are made of luminous points that connect to each other, thus creating a luminescent atmosphere. They may be considered as the oldest and most basic form of lumigraphy.

More recently, the public’s growing interest in ambient light has spurred the appearance on the market of much more delicate creations. Certain L.E.D.-based systems are now integrated in completely transparent glass panels. Others enable the creation of raised starry skies in a room.

"LED table" (2003) and "One thousand and one lights" (2006) by the German designer Ingo Maurer.

Following a more artistic approach, lumigraphs may also be the creations of craftsmen or contemporary artists and become works of art unto themselves.
Artists’ creations - whether they be unique pieces or small, numbered series - effectively spark collectors’ interest.